Education that prepares students for life.

  • Replace traditional rote methods of teaching with active and collaborative learning techniques.
  • Produce innovative, self-reliant,  and morally strong students who IMG_0791_edited-1are ready to change from the inside out.
  • Produce an internal inspiration of mind and heart.
  • Produce students who are accountable for their own learning.
  • Produce students capable of leadership based on integrity and the common good.
  • Produce students who are innovative and capable of creating new businesses and expanding economic growth. 


How do we do this?

A blend of innovative teaching methodologies and techniques are taught through seminars.  IOL training design is aimed at imparting life skills through the use of the existing curriculum. 

What is Inside Out Learning?

IMG_0691_edited-1Inside Out Learning is an education program dedicated to improving the quality of teaching.  IOL addresses specific education requirements not only to prepare children for examinations but for the complex challenges of life including earning a living, raising a family, and building a community.

  • Instruct teachers in different psychosocial oriented methods of teaching necessary to bridge the gap between content and realities of life. 
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment for active participation in the child's learning process.
  • Increase individual learning productivity.
  • Inspire children to love learning.
  • Prepare children not only for examinations but for usefulness in their future stations.
  • Develop selfless leaders whose vision is to improve the quality of life for it citizenry.



"A mighty flame follows a tiny spark." -Dante